DevOps-ServiceNow to ADO
ServiceNow to Azure DevOps Migrator

Introduced to migrate and integrate the ServiceNow ticketing tool with Azure DevOps

ServiceNow is a Highly customizable yet easy to use software. The ticketing tool excels in incident tickets, track the incident status, and ensures that the incident is resolved properly or not. the tool increases the efficiency of resolving the issues. but in other hand Azure DevOps provides an integrated set of services and tools to manage your software projects from planning and development through testing and deployment.

Canarys Introduce a Tool to Migrate and integrate the ServiceNow Ticketing tool with Azure DevOps. The Main Feature is you can Map your ServiceNow Incidents with Azure DevOps work item.

We developed a Tool that migrate the ServiceNow ticket to Azure DevOps Work item with customization. we will migrate the ticket in the ServiceNow with the state mapping, Priority mapping, and work item linking and ticket history also. for integrating the ServiceNow to Azure DevOps you can use the same way of the fields. Custom Fields also you can map and migrate. but custom fields need to be created in the Azure DevOps before Migration Process starts.


We are using OAuth 2.0 as the identity provider and using Microsoft credential you can logged in to the migration tool, after successful login you will redirect to the home page and there you can select the Organization and Project for ADO and you need to provide ServiceNow Credential and instance name for getting the ticket from the ServiceNow. For basic mapping we are following agile process for migrating the ServiceNow ticket to Azure DevOps work item. All the Incidents in ServiceNow is mapped to the Task in the ADO. You can change according to your preferences.


After completing the process, you will get a notification based on the migration whether its migrated or not in the UI. The tool provides you to customize the migration based on your preferences and that will enable you to migrate the ticket from ServiceNow to Azure DevOps.