DevOps- SAP Cloud ALM to ADO Integrator
SAP Cloud ALM to Azure DevOps Integrator

Seamless Collaboration: Bridging SAP Cloud ALM and Azure DevOps for Unified Efficiency and Transparency


The integration solution by Canarys ensures synchronous updates between tasks in SAP Cloud ALM and work items in Azure DevOps, including the basic details like field and status values and task relations.

Problem Statement:

The challenge addressed is the need for a seamless integration between SAP Cloud ALM and Azure DevOps. The requirement is to ensure that any task creation or update in one platform reflects in the other so that data is collated in centralized platform. This bidirectional synchronization is crucial for maintaining consistency across both systems.


The integration solution built by Canarys is designed to capture events in SAP Cloud ALM and Azure DevOps and synchronize the data between the platforms. This includes tracking the creation or update of work items and tasks. The solution utilizes the REST APIs provided by SAP Cloud ALM and Azure DevOps for processing these events. The brief workflow is as follows:


  • Upon task creation or update in SAP Cloud ALM, the integrator's endpoint is triggered.

  • The custom integrator interprets the request, processes the event, and utilizes Azure DevOps REST APIs to create or update the corresponding work item.

  • Creation or update of a work item in Azure DevOps triggers a webhook. The integrator processes the webhook request and creates or updates the task in SAP Cloud ALM using SAP Cloud ALM REST APIs

  • The entire process ensures seamless bidirectional synchronization between SAP Cloud ALM and Azure DevOps


  • Task Relation Linking

    A limitation is identified in the absence of a trigger mechanism for task relation linking and adding. Consequently, when adding or removing any linking, it requires an update of the basic information. Ongoing exploration is in progress to discover alternative solutions for this limitation.

  • Azure DevOps Features

    In Azure DevOps, the capability exists to add attachments and custom fields. However, in SAP Cloud ALM, there is currently no provision for attachment and custom fields creation

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