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Project Users

Azure DevOps Extension - the capability to seamlessly navigate and view project-related user information.


Azure DevOps is a platform where collaboration, efficiency, and innovation converge to streamline software development processes. At the heart of this powerful platform lies the concept of users, the driving force behind every successful project. An azure devops organization is comprised of many individuals called users, each contributing their expertise, skills, and creativity to bring software ideas to life. In this platform, we'll delve into the dynamic landscape of Azure DevOps users, exploring the roles and responsibilities they play in shaping the future of software development. Whether you're a developer, a project manager, a quality assurance professional, or a stakeholder, understanding the diverse community of Azure DevOps users is essential for harnessing the full potential of this platform and achieving your development goals.

Canarys Users Overview:


Introducing a transformative feature within your Azure DevOps extension - the capability to seamlessly navigate and view project-related user information. This enhancement empowers users to effortlessly select a project of interest from a curated dropdown menu, thereby gaining access to a meticulously organized table showcasing individuals affiliated with that specific project.

This refined functionality extends beyond mere display, as it equips users with powerful tools for data refinement. The inclusion of a search bar allows users to quickly narrow down results by inputting specific usernames. Furthermore, the ability to filter users based on their access levels ensures a granular examination of permissions, proving particularly invaluable in scenarios where a multitude of users are part of the organizational landscape.

However, the excellence of this extension does not stop here. It includes a ‘Summary' button and an 'Export' button. The Export Button allows users to download the table in a versatile .csv format – a seamless way to archive, analyze, and share vital data. On the other hand, the 'Summary' button provides an instant snapshot of crucial insights, offering a high-level overview that facilitates efficient decision-making.


Go to the azure devops market place, and search for “Canarys User Overview”. Click on “GET” to download the app, you will be redirected to your azure devops platform with a prompt asking you to choose from the list of organizations from your profile. Choose an organization where you would like to enable the extension and click “Install’. Ones it is installed successfully, go back to your organization where you enabled the extension, scroll all the way down to “organization settings”. In the organization settings, look for the extension named “Canarys User Overview” under extensions tab at the bottom left corner. Click on it and start using the application.


By providing this comprehensive view of project-associated users and their access levels, your extension becomes an indispensable asset for optimizing organizational efficiency and security. This sophisticated feature exemplifies our commitment to facilitating streamlined collaboration and informed decision-making within the Azure DevOps, ultimately propelling software development to new heights.