DevOps- Jira-ADO Issues Migrator
Jira to Azure DevOps Issues Migrator

Introducing the Jira to Azure DevOps Issue Migrator Tool: Effortless Migration for Seamless Project Transitions.

In the ever-evolving world of software development, project transitions are inevitable. Whether you're moving from Jira to Azure DevOps or considering a platform switch, migrating your issues and data can be a daunting task. This is where the Jira to Azure DevOps Issue Migrator Tool comes to the rescue.

Designed to simplify and expedite the migration process, this tool empowers your team to seamlessly transfer issues, tasks, and valuable data from Jira to Azure DevOps with ease. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual transfers and data loss worries, and say hello to a smooth transition experience that ensures all your essential information is retained.

Whether you're an IT manager, project lead, or development professional, the Jira to Azure DevOps Issue Migrator Tool is your go-to solution for a stress-free and efficient platform switch. Simplify your migration journey and ensure that your projects continue to thrive with this indispensable tool at your disposal.


  1. Migrates the System Fields as well as the Custom Fields.

  2. Stores the reference value as Jira ID in Azure DevOps workitem.

  3. Migrates based on the given JSON Mapping files.

  4. Migrates users based on the given user mapping file

  5. This tool also migrates the attachments, comments and also performs the Parent Child Linking and Relation Linking.

Working Procedure

  1. Add the details in the settings, mappings, valuemappings and user mappings file.

    1. Settings.json


    2. Mappings.json


    3. WorkItemType and Relation Mappings.json

      img img

    4. PriorityMapping.json


    5. ValueMapping.json


    6. UserMapping.json


  2. Need to execute the API for migrating the issues from Jira to Azure DevOps.

  3. Once the Migration is complete the below figure shows the sample.

    1. OverView


    2. The marked fields in Azure DevOps is the reference values stored from Jira.

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