Canarys Clone Project

Clones the source team project to a new team project within the same organization.

Hey there, Have you come across any of the below scenarios -

  • You created a project template with a lot of common tasks and setup that you want to use for creation of new projects?
  • Do you have a setup of an Azure DevOps Project with customized Process and other custom project settings within and want to create replicas?
  • Are you looking for a possibility to export/import the full project configuration along with the content to create a sandbox/dev environment?

The amount of effort required to set up a complex set of tasks and relationships, and the similarities between one project and its clone would be exactly the same if there was a clone model feature or a customized feature in Azure DevOps.

Canarys Clone Project minimizes the large amount of time and mouse clicks needed to manually create & configure new projects with a lot of different settings within the project like different Teams, different columns, card colours, rules, fields, custom queries, custom dashboards, GIT repos, pipeline definitions. Setting all of this up manually every time can takes hours, days or longer manually but with our extension it would take the least minimal time.


The tool clones the structure/configuration of an existing project to a new project within the same organization. It clones Azure Boards, Azure GIT Repos, Azure Pipelines and Azure Test Plans.



Features and exclusions of the tool are as below -

Features :

  1. Work Items created (First revision only) along with links and attachments, discussion, images
  2. GIT Repos
  3. Boards with settings, columns, styles, swimlanes, queries, dashboards, Sprints, Areas, Teams
  4. Source Project with customized process template and custom security groups, custom dashboards, custom plugins
  5. Groups and Users
  6. Project Description

Exclusions :

  1. Work Item History(Revisions)
  2. Build and Release runs, summary
  3. TFVC Repositories
  4. Azure Artifacts
  5. Cloning to another organization
  6. Custom Groups' Permissions are not carried over during the clone

You need to have Project Collection Administrator access for creation of target project within the organization.

The extension is based on the APIs exposed by Microsoft and hence, comes with limitations for few functionalities.

The marketplace version of the tool allows to clone 1000 work items, 50 build & release pipelines each. If your requirement exceeds this number, please contact us - .

Share your experience, feature requests and feedback on our email with the subject line "Canarys Clone Project".