DevOps-Migration and Integration Solution
Canarys Migration and Integration Solution

Seamless data transfer across various tools and efficient data Extraction.

Canarys has developed a specialized migration or Integration solution to migrate or sync data between many project/defect/tasks management tools or simply called ticketing tools like Bugzilla, Redmine, Assembla, Trello, AHA, ServiceNow, SAP ALM, JIRA, Azure DevOps, GitHub etc.


Since these tools have different data models, fields, and structures, manually mapping the data can be complex, especially if there are custom fields or configurations.


Canarys Migration and Integration Solution is provided as packaged solution, where Canarys DevOps experts will assist in pre-configuration, customize workflows, fields etc. Our solution simplifies working with multiple tools for your DevOps/project management needs.


  • Automated Data Extraction

  • Data Mapping and Transformation

  • Attachment Migration/sync

  • Workflow and Customization Support

  • Error Handling and Logging

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