DevOps-Bugzilla to ADO
Bugzilla to Azure DevOps Migrator

Migrate your Bugzilla artifacts to Azure DevOps Services.

Bugzilla to Azure DevOps Services/Server Migration

Bugzilla Migrator solution helps you move the data from Bugzilla to Microsoft DevOps Platform that is Azure DevOps Services (ADO) or Server (TFS). Our tool is designed to help you in migrating the items (defects) with complete revision history from Bugzilla to the ADO/TFS. The tool seamlessly migrates the states, transitions, and field values from Bugzilla to ADO/TFS and also the users, based on the user mappings, given the differences in the authentication schemes of Bugzilla and TFS.

The tool migrates:

  • Bug items with history, and attachments.
  • Test steps: steps followed to test the bug.
  • All the fields present in each of the bug.

Below migration scenarios are covered by the tool:

  • Bugzilla to TFS 2019 and Azure DevOps 2020 server
  • Bugzilla to Azure DevOps service


Bugzilla Migrator tool fetches the data from MYSQL the backend DB of Bugzilla, process the data and writes to Azure DevOps or TFS. The extent of data copy/migration depends the availability of the SDK/APIs to fetch and write and possibilities provide by both Bugzilla and Microsoft

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