DevOps-Automate Branch Rules
Automate Branch Rules

This helps users to bulk update the branch rules.


The tool lets you automate the addition, removal or alteration of the branch protection rules for 1 or more branches & repositories in one go. This helps users to bulk update the branch rules which saves lot of time when you have hundreds of branches and repositories in your organization.

The tool currently supports adding or modifying the below branch protection rules-

  • Require pull request reviews before merging

    • Dismiss stale pull request approvals when new commits are pushed

    • Require review from Code Owners

    • Restrict who can dismiss pull request reviews

  • Require status checks to pass before merging

    • Require branches to be up to date before merging

  • Require signed commits

  • Include administrators

  • Restrict who can push to matching branches

  • Add or update CODEOWNERS


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