DevOps- Aha-ADO Issues Synchronizer
Aha to ADO Issues Synchronizer

Introducing the Aha to Azure DevOps Issue Synchronizer Tool: Streamlining Collaboration Across Platforms.

In today's dynamic software development landscape, teams often find themselves using multiple project management and issue tracking tools to meet their diverse needs. Aha and Azure DevOps are two popular platforms, each with its strengths and capabilities. However, managing issues and tasks across these platforms can be challenging, leading to inefficiencies and communication gaps.

Enter the Aha to Azure DevOps Issue Synchronizer Tool, a powerful solution designed to bridge the gap between Aha and Azure DevOps, facilitating seamless collaboration and issue synchronization. This tool empowers development teams to work more efficiently by ensuring that tasks and issues are synchronized in real-time between the two platforms, allowing for improved visibility, streamlined workflows, and enhanced communication.

Whether you're a software developer, project manager, or team leader, this tool offers a comprehensive solution to enhance your cross-platform project management experience. Say goodbye to manual data entry, duplicate tasks, and communication silos, and say hello to a more efficient and synchronized development process with the Aha to Azure DevOps Issue Synchronizer Tool.


  1. Synchronizes the System Fields as well as the Custom Fields.

  2. Stores the reference value as Aha ID in Azure DevOps workitem and workitem ID in Aha issue respectively.

  3. Synchronizes based on the given JSON Mapping files.

  4. Can be configurable for 2-way synchronizer as well as for 1-way synchronizer.

  5. Works for creation, updation and deletion of field values, attachments and links.

  6. Works for creation and updation for comments in Aha (Updation of Comment creates new comment in Azure DevOps and vice-versa).

  7. Synchronizes users based on the given user mapping file.

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